About Me

You Need More Than An Awsome Website

You need someone to watch over your online presence, monitor for changes that will affect your website’s functions, and be proactive to keep you on top of your game.

You also need to feel comfortable and competent with your website and your technical support.

I spent the main part of my working career as an educator, teaching science and technology to students of all ages and abilities.  I was successful because

  • I treat everyone with respect and patience.
  • I start from current knowledge and don’t assume “everyone knows this”.
  • I give the information you need in a clear, organized presentation.
  • Everyone absorbs new information and adjusts to new technology in their own unique way.  I collaborate with learners to find the most effective way forward.


For the last few years I have been working with business clients of  varying experience and abilities.  We succeed together for all the same reasons.

Mission Statement

  • I believe every client deserves to showcase their business or organization online. 
  • I am committed to providing respectful, patient,  individualized support so everyone can make the most of their online presence.

Why Me?

I am a native English-speaker living in Israel. Education was my first career; web development is my new love. I use my prior experience characterizing and motivating a target audience, crafting presentations for maximum effect and memorability, and  systematic problem-solving.  To that skillset I have added modern web-development languages and techniques to help you grow your business in the digital environment.

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We Keep It Simple

I don’t drown anyone in techno-speak.  I respect where you are coming from and bring you what you need to know, simply.

We Take It Step-By-Step

I prepare a proposal for every project that outlines precisely what is needed and what will be provided at each stage of the development process.

We Support you

Are you “Just build it and I’ll do the rest” or “Please keep everything working so I don’t have to think about it”, or somewhere in between? Whichever it is, I have a plan for that.

We are flexible

Your dream, your way.  And if that doesn’t work, a different way.  We keep going until we find the best way.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

I Believe In Client Empowerment

The path from your idea to concrete reality is a process of defining goals, setting benchmarks, and planning. We do it together.

I can help with clarification, organization, content development, and design — but you are always integral, always heard, and always in charge.

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