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I am a native English-speaker living in Israel. Education was my first career; web development is my new love. I use my prior experience characterizing and motivating a target audience, crafting presentations for maximum effect and memorability, and  systematic problem-solving.  I have added modern web-development languages and techniques to that skill set.



I love being in nature and working with natural materials: spinning yarns from fibers and experimenting with plants and seeds to create my own dyes. Writing code is similar: we weave the strands of purpose, words and design elements to create a finished product that combines strength, utility, and beauty — in fiber and in code.

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Featured Work

Website Redesign

HaGefen Real Estate

This project involved a complete overhaul of an existing WordPress website.  I redesigned it  based on a new template, built pages and menus, edited content and images, optimized for speed and SEO.  

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