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Recent Client-side and Server-side Projects

Website Redesign

HaGefen Real Estate

This project involved a complete overhaul of an existing WordPress website.  I redesigned it  based on a new template, built pages and menus, edited content and images, optimized for speed and SEO.  

hagefen realty homepage

Featured WordPress Project

Accelerate Marketing

This is a WordPress site designed as a learning project, ostensibly for a business marketing firm. The purpose was to showcase services and successful client projects and to encourage communication with potential clients. I learned to install an existing client website, create child themes and custom queries, custom post-types and custom fields, custom page templates, and to work on a continuous workflow and deployment cycle. Languages used included PHP, CSS3, and HTML5.


Featured Project

Grubdash App

This is a RESTful API built with Node.js and Express. It functions to keep track of restaurant dishes and delivery orders.  Information is accessed through routes and route parameters, and I wrote custom middleware. 

homepage Grub-Dash app

Featured Project

Flashcard App

This is a React application developed as a learning project.  It allows users to prepare decks of study cards for self-study, using an API to create, read, update, and delete records stored by the API. Users may create new decks, edit deck information, or delete old decks. Within each deck the user may add, edit, or delete cards. In study mode, the user clicks through the deck as each card is displayed one side at a time, with a button to flip to its reverse. I wrote this app using React.js, React Router.  Styling with Bootstrap 4.

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