Content Development Package

  • Comprehensive client interview
  •  Interviews with client’s clients to research appropriate messages and target audience
  • text/stock images for pages as required​

Website Design & Build

  • New designs (including wireframes for desktop, tablet, and mobile sizes)


  • Pre-built WordPress themes customized for your business
  • Cost based on number of pages and complexity

Website Care Packages

  • Maintenance option includes all required updates and backups for security
  • Full support option includes uploading of new content and images and other backend chores
  • Hosting package includes website hosting and pro-level plugins for website optimization.

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I love working with natural materials: spinning yarns from fibers and creating my own dyes. Creating a website is similar: we weave the strands of purpose, words and design elements to create a finished product that combines strength, utility, and beauty — in fiber and in code. Let's do it together.

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